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There’s no question that in order for a business to succeed today, it needs to go online because that’s where people and the clients are. Most use the internet for researching, socializing, learning, reading, watching and of course, buying. So how do you get your business found in a crowded marketplace? 

As you dive deeper into e-commerce, you can observe that there’s more to just having a beautiful website. A well-designed website is a must but it's not enough to get your business on top of people's search results.

Seeking attention for your e-commerce store can be tricky though. With all the noise and movement in the internet, you have to wonder, how will your online business stand out?

You landed on the right place. You’ll discover tips and advice on how to get your business website discovered online. Before we proceed, keep in mind that there’s no magic wand that can give your business a boost overnight. Some tips below will give you instant online visibility but you still need to put in the hard work so you can get your website noticed on the internet.

Let’s get started!

1. Keyword Research

Today’s consumers go online to look for information, whether it’s for a solution, comparison or to look up a product before finally purchasing. Every search on the internet begins with a keyword. In a nutshell, keywords are the foundation of your campaign. Whether it’s voice search or the traditional text search, queries all include keywords and you want to start there.

When users make a query, they type in search phrases that say what they’re looking for. What you want is to make sure the terms they type relates to what your business is all about, and that these keywords appear on your website.

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Knowing the right keywords will help you:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Convert traffic into customers
  • Drive the client down your sales funnel

If you want to always be on top of the game (or ranking high on search engine results pages) then take time to learn how to do proper keyword research. It will help you design the content and copies that you’ll put in all your digital marketing activities in such a way that it’s aligned with what your customers are looking for.

One of the tools you can use is Google Keyword Planner. It allows you to look at the search patterns of online users, but also at the keywords that competitors use.

Keywords are just the beginning. It's the ammo and now you need the firearms to fire them. Which brings us to the topics below.

2. Search Engine Optimization

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On average, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches a day. As of July 2020, it’s come up to a point where it translates over 4 billion searches in less than a day. 

With more people preferring to go for no-contact transactions, the web is the perfect avenue to do business, order the products they need or order services like takeaways and deliveries.

So how do you make your website stand out? This is where search engine optimisation or SEO comes in.

In the simplest terms, SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search.

SEO has been around for decades and it’s growing even more in popularity as more and more people flock the internet. If you have been watching business-centered shows like Shark Tank, you’ll hear the word being thrown out by some billionaire sharks often when they ask about marketing activities. It’s always been a game of survival of the fittest and SEO is an essential factor in making your business both survive and thrive.

Here are some on-page SEO techniques from our digital marketing specialists who have been providing SEO services for years and insights from the industry’s thought leaders.

Improve your Clickthrough Rate

Users and potential customers are browsing through dozens and dozens of pages in on sitting. If you want to stand out and get their attention, one of the things you need to start doing is improve your organic clickthrough rate or CTR.

CTR is the measurement of how many users click your website when it appears on search results. This means that your website is performing well.

If your website has a high clickthrough rate but the conversions are low, it means there’s a disconnect. Clicks doesn’t mean they are sure to convert. You have to put effort into making the users stay longer and browse more. The more they stay on your website, the more Google will see your website as relevant enough that it will recommend it to other users when they search for the same keywords.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets provide users with additional information and tell them exactly what they will find if they click on your link. Inserting the right keywords will also make it easier for Google to deliver the message to the users.

Examples of Rich Snippets:

  • Reviews. This can be individual reviews from users or a star rating from the users.
  • Product Markup. Provide product images and information on specific products.
  • Video. If you have informative videos on your page, you can help search engines understand what your video content is all about by using structured data.

Improve Page Speed

Page Speed is an important factor in keeping your website visitor. You don’t want potential clients to leave because a page in your website managed to load a second later than they’re willing to wait.

Studies show that a website that loads in a matter of 1 to 3 seconds can increase bounce rate by up to 32 percent. While a load speed of 1 to 5 seconds has the chance of increasing bounce rate by 90 percent and if a page takes from 6 or more seconds to load then that will increase bounce rate by up to 123 percent. The goal here is to increase loading speed to retain more users.

A tool you can use to check your site speed is Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This is a free tool that will help you analyze your website performance and let you know what you need to improve on-page.

Optimise Your Images

Images are an important addition to content. Content with relevant images gets 94 percent more views than those without. However, when including images you have to optimise it so that it helps your page rank better and engages users more.

  • Use Alt Text. When uploading images, make sure to never skip the alt text to describe them. Add your target keywords but keep it minimal.
  • Include Keywords in Image File Names. When creating your image file, make sure to name them appropriately. Never do 'image001.png or image001.jpg', take time to properly label them and separate with dashes. Example: black-leather-bag.jpeg.
  • Optimise Image Size. Page speed is important and the size of the image can affect it. The smaller the image size, the quicker your page will load.

3. Content Marketing

You want to make sure that you’re getting the right audience and content marketing does it for you. Content marketing is an approach focusing on creating and distributing relevant and valuable content.

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A well planned and executed content marketing strategy will boost your online presence by showing customers that you actually care about them or solving their pain points -- which is more important today than ever before.

Note that every online brand can create effective content as long as you know your brand, as well as your target audience.

Algorithms, whether it’s Google or social media, like it when you update your content regularly, but it’s especially better when you update content that engages your audience. If people love your content there’s a huge chance they’re going to share it, comment on it or tag it. 

If you want to create strong and memorable content but are not yet savvy with the process or content creation then partnering with a digital marketing agency who specializes in content marketing is your best option as it will save you time, effort and resources. 

Let’s look at the basics of content marketing:

what is content marketing

4. Facebook Ads and Google Ads

If you’re going to run a marketing campaign, you should capitalise on all channels, of course, taking into consideration that it matches with your niche and product. Paid advertising or PPC is another effective form of digital marketing where you pay for ad space online. We’ll dive into two of the most popular paid media channels: Facebook Paid Ads and Google Ads.

Facebook has a market capitalization of more than $500B as of 2020 and it’s thanks to paid ads that Facebook is able to offer free service to the world while maintaining its multibillion dollar status. Does Facebook advertising work? Well, based on the fact that they continue to be a billion dollar enterprise to this day, means a lot of entrepreneurs swear by Facebook advertising. Now that Facebook took over Instagram and continues to deliver ads in that platform as well, it just proves how Facebook stands by how powerfully effective this mode of advertising is.

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Facebook Ads placements functions automatically. Unlike organic search where the user looks for the product, this form of advertising appears on a user’s Newsfeed. Facebook is a great way to increase brand awareness and reach more people online.

These are the types of Facebook Ads:

    • Boosted Page Posts. This is probably the most popular form of Facebook advertising since the ‘Boost post’ button is readily available every time you post on your Facebook Page. Clicking on the ‘Boost Post’ button allows you to set up the target audience, bid on the price, and promote your post to more people on Facebook.
    • Link Click Ads. This type helps promote your website and send traffic to your blogs or landing pages.
    • Carousel Ads. This format shows a number of photos or cards that are linked to different landing pages. Carousel Ad was created targeting product catalog sales but it’s also a great method for generating awareness.
    • Lead Ads. This is a great way to generate new leads. It’s a hassle free way for people to download your content or sign up without leaving the Facebook page.
    • Canvas Ads (on mobile). A more interactive form of advertising that’s only available on mobile. Here, your target users can swipe through different images, zoom and interact with it with their fingertips. It also loads quicker than your average mobile web applications.
    • Via Instagram. Facebook now owns instagram, which makes it possible to place ads automatically on instagram. If you choose an ad objective that supports instagram (brand awareness, traffic, engagement, lead generation, etc.), you’ll have the choice to automatically include it on your instagram provided your account is linked to Facebook.


Google Adwords is by far the biggest player in the paid ads category. It’s not only used by huge enterprises but by local business as well. In the PPC platform, business advertisements appear either on the SERPs of the main website or through Google’s display network. 

Here’s why Google AdWords is worth investing in:

  • Quick Results. Unlike popular digital marketing methods like SEO, Google AdWords isn’t free, it will actually cost you, but unlike SEO, there’s no waiting around. Once you submit your campaign and it gets approved, you can expect traffic in just minutes. 
    With AdWords, you just have to enter your target keywords, key in your bid and you can start advertising. 
  • Scalable Marketing Strategy. AdWords offer you the opportunity to reach different audiences. With countless keywords available to you and unique ones popping up every single day, you just have to be creative, think outside the box and you have access to unlimited audiences.
    Once you’ve tested out how effective a PPC campaign is for you, there’s always the option to increase your daily spend so you can generate more clicks. It all depends on your budget, but the higher your rankings are, the more clicks and traffic you’ll have.
  • Google and AdWords Analytics. Google has always been very dependable when it comes to providing numbers to its users, and it’s no different when it comes to AdWords. You have access to your campaigns’ performance and can adjust or make changes as you see fit. With these analytics, you can make smart decisions on where you should spend your money.
  • A Chance To Outrank The Competition. With Google AdWords, you can outrank your competitors whether they’re ranking high in terms of SEO or AdWords. Of course, with the right price tag. For example, if your competition is running a PPC Ad campaign and ranking high with it, you can rank higher by bidding higher. This will increase your visibility, clicks and traffic. Then there’s SEO. If your competition is getting the first position on Google search results, you can outrank them by activating a PPC campaign. 


With all the benefits of Google AdWords, you must keep in mind that you have to receive clicks from customers in order for it to really take effect. There are times when clicks are from bots or bad traffic is generated by click frauds. Other times, users have no intention of buying your products. These can cost you money in the long run and can tip your conversion cost.

To prevent this from happening, there are digital marketing agencies offering PPC management or Paid Ads services that will stir your campaign in the right direction.

Key Takeaways

Each method mentioned above has different planning processes, application, execution and best practices. Before jumping into any strategy, you have to first know what your brand is all about as well as study your numbers well. This way, you have control over your spending as well as know what you can and can’t do at the moment.

The best way to make sure you’re headed in the right direction and that your campaigns will deliver the results you want to engage with a digital marketing agency or seek advice from professionals.

Remember that no matter what strategy you choose, you have to determine what the goals are and it’s best to test the market to see what works best for you.

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