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In a time when your regular sales force cannot function at full capacity due to travel restrictions and social distancing measures, your business’ online assets will have to pick up the slack. This is especially true in the case of your company website.

Your website is a sales workhorse. It allows you to nurture and convert leads 24/7, all year round — but only if it’s implemented properly. To reap all its benefits, you need to make sure your website designer and developer knows their stuff and can understand and translate your company’s brand online.

1. Understands code and keeps abreast of technological developments1. Understands code and keeps abreast of technological developments 

Any web designer and developer can build you a website with some online tools. Don’t waste your time with the mediocre stuff. Find yourself a web designer and developer who understands code and is interested in making it work for your business’ online needs, nevermind if it hasn’t been done yet — they will find a way.

Ask your prospects if and how they stay up-to-date on the many advancements in web design tools and technology. Do they attend seminars, join forums, or sign up for extra training sessions? Their answer should be a good indicator that you have a winner on your hands.

2. Communicative and values being a team player

2. Communicative and values being a team player

Your ability to communicate back and forth with your company’s web designer and developer is critical to the creation of the best site for your business — and the situation must go both ways. 

While you can do your part in the process by relaying as much helpful information to your web dev team, make a note if any of your prospects take the time to help you understand their process and explain industry jargon to you. 

The willingness to keep their process as transparent to you as much as possible is a signal that they know how to work as a team and can adjust to working with new people easily.

3. Creative problem solver while having a well-defined process and clear turnaround t3. Creative problem solver while having a well-defined process and clear turnaround time

The strength of a great web developer and designer lies in their ability to resolve a problem creatively. They will be able to find and employ innovative ways to get around an issue and reach your design and development goals. 

Of course, this process won’t come at the cost of your timeline. Check whether your prospective web designer and developer has an operation process that’s well-defined and with established deadlines.

4. Well-established in the industry with a well-rounded portfoli4. Well-established in the industry with a well-rounded portfolio

Naturally, you’ll be looking for a website designer and developer that’s established a good reputation among relevant business circles. Satisfied clients and a diverse portfolio should be key factors in your selection process. If you find a candidate that easily ticks this box, then move them up to your short list!

5. Reasonable pricing and flexible contract term5. Reasonable pricing and flexible contract terms

As a business owner in the United Kingdom, an excellent depiction of your brand online is priceless. As a business that needs to run, you need to set a strict budget and follow it. Find a website designer and developer that’s managed to balance their considerable skill with reasonable pricing. 

If you’re still on the fence whether a prospect will be good for your company, ask them about the other services they offer that you might be able to benefit from. Check their contract terms, too. A little leeway with payments and dues are to your favour because it shows that the company is willing to work with you and compromise.

You don’t want to hire a web designer and developer that works with no fire or inspiration. They won’t be able to do your brand’s online salesperson justice. Trust our team at Axadra when we say this.

As a website design and development service provider for clients in the UK, we will stop at nothing to ensure that your business is represented well online and that your site becomes an invaluable tool towards lead generation and conversion efforts. 

Contact us today and we’ll show you how we can make your website work for you.


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